Winner of Judges Grand Award for Artistic Excellence at the 2004 and 2009 PGI conventions.
Aaron Mayfield, Owner, Presents : AM PYROTECHNICS, LLC.

Below are photos of some of our product, you can see hi-res versions by clicking on them.

1 eye 3 beards red green blue white mines sea urchin red glitter candy xx clover colorful comets victory cris cross crunchy core 23 entropy trio false dawn fan trees head dress larosa magic sherbert monster swimmers off center one fourth remix parking lot party sprite party patriot photo flash purple quarters snow grass rainy day red fog mountain home


10 inch Aerial Shell EX# 2010091413

American made 10 inch shells. We have DOT EX approvals for all of our manufactured products; 2.5 inch through 10 inch.


New Bid Evaluation Service from AM Pyro

Have you received a number of bids for your fireworks show from competing fireworks companies and now wonder how you will choose between them? The solution is to take advantage of the knowledge of industry insider Aaron Mayfield, who will separate the pros from the cons for a small fee (usually $100 - $300). He will explain why the bid with the highest shell count for the money will not always be the best show, and which brands of effects are worth the money. Please email for details.


AM Pyro; Manufacturing American products since 2009

We at AM Pyro are pleased to present our latest product line manufactured right here in the USA at our facilities near Tin Town, Missouri. The project is directed by multiple award winning display artist and shell designer Aaron Mayfield.


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