Winner of Judges Grand Award for Artistic Excellence at the 2004 and 2009 PGI conventions.
Aaron Mayfield, Owner, Presents : AM PYROTECHNICS, LLC.

NFA September 6th 2014


My husband and I just watched your National Fireworks Association convention shoot on September 6th 2014. WOW!
Incredible shots, wonderful timming, great music, beautiful show and appropriate finale. YOU did it again.
I was way to busy to spend a week at the NFA this year and then Gary told me you were doing the saturday night finale show. I decided I could make it after all and I'm sure glad I did.
We saw your first NFA show in Omaha many years ago when we could walk a few steps and congratulate you in person. Now we are watching your show from a half mile away. It was incredible.
looking forward to your next show. Thanks and Congratulations!
Gary and Casey Blom

Chateau on the Lake July 4th 2014


Aaron ~ the Fireworks for July 4th 2014 were the best you have ever done. I had guests coming up to me after the shoot who have been coming here for many years, telling me they were the best ones we have ever done. I even had one guest who at check out this morning asked to see me and he hugged me (awkward) and told me they were the incredible. Now the benchmark has been set, what are we going to do next year..... :)
Stephen GM
Chateau on the Lake, Branson MO

Republic, MO June 27th 2014


On behalf of Mayor Brian Buckner and everyone who attended the City of Republic’s 18th Annual Have-A-Blast Patriotic Celebration last night, I want to thank you and A.M. Pyrotechnics for an absolutely wonderful pyrotechnics display.
It was amazing and our crowd erupted with applause on numerous occasions. It was everything we could have asked for and more and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your work and efforts in making the show this year something special.
Take care and best of luck with the rest of your shows this 4th of July season.
Jared Keeling
Parks & Recreation Director
City of Republic, Missouri

PGI Demo Aug. 11th 2009


Hi Aaron,
I just had to write this note telling you that I was “BLOWN AWAY” (no pun intended) by the A.M. Pyrotechnics’ fireworks display at the 2008 NFA Expo in Billings, Montana.
I remember thinking to myself that NO one would ever top THAT display! Well, I must say that you proved me wrong. The display you provided for the PGI in Iowa this past week topped anything that I have ever seen in my life. That is saying a lot, given that I am 63 years old, part of the PGI safety team, WPAG former Director of Safety and Vice President, part of the NFA safety committee, and I currently hold a federal and state of Wisconsin manufacturing license. I am not just your average JOE SIXPACK fireworks fan! I have seen many high end displays.
I was left in awe of your PGI display in Mason City. The choreography, along with the quality of your product, was OUTSTANDING! The CROWD WENT WILD! “Fantastic, unbelievable, what wonderful product, I could watch another hour of this,” were expounded all around me, in the stands.
You are the master.
Thank you for the memory!

Larry Karlmann
Wausau, Wisconsin

Florida Pyro Art Guild Fall Shoot Nov. 22nd 2008


From: Pat Stuart
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008
Subject: FPAG show in Florida....
I am writing this to let you know we deeply appreciate the pyro show last Saturday night at the Florida 4F event. The shells were incredible. It was fantastic. We talked about it that night afterwards and the next day. Some of the rising effects, mines, and especially that really large buildup of willowing stars that just seem to keep growing and growing. It was amazing.
We thank you and your crew for coming to the 4F to present those world class pyro shells. Earlier when Vince told us about you were going to bring a show to the Florida event we knew it was going to be good.
Thanks again.
Pat Stuart
..... and from all the other FPAG members a sincere thanks.



My name is Nathan Manning and I am a member of F.P.A.G and I just wanted to thank you and your whole crew for the fantastic show that you provided this year at 4F. Once again thanks and we hope to do more business with you in the future. Also I really liked you style of finale it was absolutely amazing.

PAT Club, OCT 13th 2007


The Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas would like to extend a hearty thank you for the effort from you and the crew of AM Pyro last weekend. There is only one word for it and that's "Wow!". Your reputation proceeded you, so we were already expecting something above average. Well, our expectations were exceeded. The choice of music was absolutely inspired and the choreography really served to show off the impressive selection of pyrotechnics effects used. Many members of our club had not seen multi-break and pattern shells of that quality and precision before. The ground and low/mid level effects were equally well-placed and well-timed. You had mentioned earlier that you were choosing some top-shelf stuff for us and I can assure you that the colors and symmetry in the show really showed what high quality can do in fireworks.
Again our congratulations, thanks and wishes for the continued success of AM Pyro.
Regards and smoke,
- Mark Miller



Subject: Winnie Gator Shootoff
In my humble opinion, as well as several of those also attending, it is believed that this was one of the best (if not the best) demos that PAT has ever had at it's events! I base this statement on the fact that many remarked that they were "immersed" or surrounded by the fireworks above them. The viewer actually felt like he or she was suspended beneath a canopy of effects. At only one other PAT event did this happen...At Fulshear, but I don't remember the year we had that one. That was the year we also did a 16" shell.
When one looked above at the extravaganza He was simply overwhelmed by the sight of all the effects. The colors were simply awesome, even the blues, and the charcoal effects seemed to hang forever to what could only be considered perfect timing and choreography.



Just wanted to send you guys a note thanking you for the best fireworks display that I have personally seen. The use of varied effects like the falling leaves and ufo's set to the music was perfect. Those were some of the prettiest mines and the sky filling brocades were literally raining down overhead. Complete emersion. I have been in PAT for a couple of years and I use some of the ideas from B shoots to choreograph my class c shows that I do for my family. I definitely agree with the concept of artistry,quality effects and timing that blow away a typical more and louder sky puke that is usually seen.Your type of show will just inspire me to do more with my c shows.
Thanks again.
Kelly Rising



I am a newbie to this business and attended my first winterblast last year. I have to tell you I sat around with my mouth hanging open after your show on Saturday night. That was by far the most spectacular fireworks display I have ever seen. The way you put the show together, the music, and the quality of the shells was just spectacular. I live in a small town in Maine and never witnessed a show of that magnitude. My hats off to you. You certainly are a talented individual and a credit to the Pyrotechnics business. I hope to meet you at this years Winterblast.
Best regards,
John Riccio


PGI 2006


As a former PGI president, competition judge, PGI Bulletin editor, frequent lecturer at PGI conventions and Western Winter Blast conventions, and long time co-owner of a display fireworks company, I have been deeply imbedded in professional pyrotechnics for many years (over 34), and have seen many professional displays. I have observed the huge New Year's displays at the opera house in Sydney Australia, I attended as a crew member several of the Montreal International Competitions, I attended the World's Fair displays in Vancouver, British Colombia, and have been privy to the workings of some of the giant New Year's Eve displays here in Las Vegas. I have visited factories in Australia, England, Taiwan, and many in the U.S. Although pyrotechnics have never been my primary profession, it has clearly been more than a "hobby". I mention all this to provide a little more credibility to my assessment of Aaron Mayfield's PGI convention show on Friday night, August 11th 2006. IT WAS CLEARLY THE BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN. The product and the presentation were simply awesome.
The show featured many married stars and comets having brilliant colors with gold or silvery tails (glitter formulations cannot be mixed into the same composition as colored stars; to achieve a colored star with a true glitter tail, it is necessary to attach two different kinds of stars together and to be sure that both are burning independently). There were long tailed comets of several distinct kinds in huge numbers, long-lasting lampblack effect stars that rained from considerable heights, double petaled chrysanthemums with colored pistils that featured a second, initially invisible pistil, of white dragon eggs that appeared as a surprising sizzling ball of particulate fire in the center of the burst just before all the other stars became extinguished. There were periodic great fans of colored and tailed comets, girandolas (flying horizontal wheels) - in large numbers, all of which performed perfectly - rising and falling and rising again to end with color bursts, timed reports (titanium and simple flash), tourbillion shells, whistles, self propelled stars ("go-getters"), and notably what appeared to be a true red glitter effect (although some of my pyrotechnics friends claimed it was a debris laden red strobe - perhaps Aaron will help us clarify this) - the list of effects could go on and on. I couldn't detect any omissions of major kinds of effect, nor did the shells and effects appear to "step on one another" except when it was clear that it was intentional. Big shells had trajectory garnishments that all remained attached to the shell and worked perfectly allowing one accurately to trace the path of the shell visually. The choreography was excellent, but somehow did not take center stage, and it managed to enliven the performance without stealing the attention of the viewer. It was truly a pyrotechnist's show. Aaron Mayfield can be rightly proud! I am especially grateful to the PGI for insuring that I was there. I will endeavor to make arrangements in the future to attend up-coming PGI conventions - it is simply sinful to miss anything so stunning.
Bob Winokur



I'm David MacGregor, I shoot with Steve Jones and Stellar Fireworks. I gotta tell you, your Tuesday night display was the best I've ever seen. Your selection of shells to the music was exquisite!!! Good Job, you made all us pyros from MO proud. I can't wait till the PGI video comes out.
David MacGregor
Ozark, MO



I have to say that your show in Appleton was VERY, VERY COOL!!! I also would like to thank you for the DVD you gave me. It was wonderful.
It is unfortunate that people don't understand what you do. I am tired of seeing the same Chinese shells all the time. Your product is so unique, and you use it very well. I especially love it when you completely flood the sky with multi colored go-getters, coming from the mines and the aerial shells.
It was nice to finally meet you and see your work in person. You truly are an artist. I look forward to seeing one of your shows again.
Thank you for what you do, and keep it up.
David Arnold



From: "David Armstrong"
This convention was fantastic! to say the least. From beginning to end, all the shows were great and the competition was ...well...all I can say is, I'm glad I couldn't compete this year!!! It was marvelous! I have to say Dittos to Daniel Clarks comments on the A&M Display!! I had the pleasure of meeting one of the fellas from A&M at a Taco Tico in Mason City and I took advantage of the opportunity to compliment him on their show. Without a doubt, the finest display of pyrotechnics that I have ever seen! I didn't get his name but the modesty, humility and sincere way that he responded to my compliments is something that I won't forget. These gentlemen at A&M have got their ducks in a row. Talent and dedication..."The proof's in the pudding."
Dave Armstrong



Are you going to have videos of your public display from the convention available for purchase? It was so awesome we would just love to watch it again and again.
Thank You
Chad & Tina Schmitz



That was an AWESOME, AWESOME showing of the Italian, Spanish and Japanese fireworks. Our family and friends were just in awe. You are right about the colors being more brilliant then the Chinese fireworks. I also agree with you about the salutes. I participated in the Italian workshop in making a 4" shell which I fired off that evening, it was spectacular. I hope that the WBA will have the Italian's and their fireworks back next year.
Thanks again,
Cathy O'Connor
Second year member (second shell ever produced)



Cabot, AR Demo


Just returned from Cabot today (Sunday the 9th of April) after spending the night in Little Rock. Myself & Diane (couple wearing the HAVE A BLAST T-shirts) were extremely impressed with the quality of your instructions, live-fire training & demos of what could go wrong -- yours is the 1st pyro training seminar I've ever been to that included such demos -- very smart idea !!.The AM Pyro demo was everything you said it would be -- truly a massive sensory overload. Been rubbing Ben-Gay ointment onto the back of my neck for the last 12 hours given the fact I've been doing nothing but shaking my head since walking away from the demo. I also (upon my return to my office) placed AM Pyro's catalog against the two previous companies I've been buying from, & not only does AM Pyro have the best product lineup I've seen, its prices are considerably less than these other companies offering run-of-the-mill fireworks. I think Aaron has landed himself a new account. Anyway, a job well done all around. Hope you had an easy return trip. Many thanks, & great meeting you -- a super day for both myself & Diane.
Best regards,
Dave Hoffman -- aka "Deadly Detonating Dave"

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