Winner of Judges Grand Award for Artistic Excellence at the 2004 and 2009 PGI conventions.
Aaron Mayfield, Owner, Presents : AM PYROTECHNICS, LLC.

award MO congress resolutions On January 27th 2009 the Missouri University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship awarded Aaron Mayfield with the 2009 Rising Star of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, a statewide recognition for his diligence, creativity and business development success. The Missouri Senate and House of Representatives also passed resolutions (SR-115 and HR-219) to applaud Aaron for his success.

August the 11th 2009 Pyrotechnics Guild International Demo at Mason City, Iowa

A small pyro demo resulted in a large amount of praise for us Tuesday night at the '09 PGI convention, and was judged unanimously to be the "Best Display" of the convention.
The majority of the product used was manufactured at our facility in Tin Town Mo, which really contributed to the high quality of the show.
The show was choreographed to music, "The Winds of Change" by the Scorpions and "Hallelujah" from the Shrek movie soundtrack using FireOne® choreography software. One man apparently confessed to being moved to tears by the display, and others seemed to enter into a state of religious rapture during the "Hallelujah" segment.

Here is one of the testimonials we received:


Last night's display was fantastic. We loved the music, choreography and of course the fireworks. You've raised the bar, and Bill Page truly is a master at shell building.

David MacGregor

You can see a video of the demo HERE


February Friday the 13th 2009 Lake Havasu City, AZ

Our show at the WESTERN WINTER BLAST 20 event went flawlessly, even though it was on Friday the 13th. Why is that supposed to be bad luck anyhow? The show by Homeland Fireworks that went right before ours was great too, apparently luck has little power when confronted by experience and attention to detail.


February 15th 2008 Lake Havasu City, AZ

AM Pyrotechnics was pleased to debut our new EUROSTYLE line of cakes at the WESTERN WINTER BLAST 19: LIGHT UP THE NIGHT event. We have an awesome time at the WWB events and are looking forward to next year's festivities.


P.A.T Club Oct 13th 2007

AM Pyro would like to thank the Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas for the hospitality given to us on 10/13/07. The Pat club members are some of the hardest workers we have seen, breaking down the show and cleaning the site like it was a privilege. Thank you Fire Ants!

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