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New AM Pyro importation policy


Due to recently increased enforcement of import regulations by the Department of Transportation, AM Pyrotechnics will now require all factories we purchase from to provide us with all EX numbers on product we are considering to purchase, prior to approving any orders on all material. We will then track and verify each EX number, and we will not accept imported pyrotechnics from companies that cannot supply us with valid, applicable EX numbers for each product they offer. This policy is effective immediately!

New 1.1G Regulations

Dear Valued Customers; Please note that on June 13, 2009, AM Pyrotechnics received a letter from the MO State Fire Marshal's Office. We would like to state some of the rulings within this letter below, and note that AM Pyrotechnics will fully comply with this ruling.
Aerial shells labeled as "Fireworks, UN0333, 1.1G" will not be permitted to be fired in an approved public display within the state. Furthermore under the regulations, fireworks labeled "UN0333, 1.1G" meet the definition of "illegal fireworks" in Missouri
For these reasons, all Missouri licensed manufacturers and distributors must immediately stop the manufacture and/or sale of any items labeled as "Fireworks, UN0333, 1.1G". As these items now exceed the federal limits listed in 320.136 RSMo, they are now classified as illegal fireworks in the state of Missouri and banned from use, sale, and possession in Missouri. Missouri licensed manufacturers and distributors should notify anyone purchasing display fireworks of this ban.
Additionally, all Missouri licensed display operators must immediately cease the use of any display fireworks labeled as "Fireworks, UN0333, 1.1G".

How safe are fireworks?

I have been looking through statistics of fireworks injuries from the APA and have come up with some interesting facts. In 2008 there were 213.2 million pounds of fireworks consumed here in the US, and 7,000 injuries resulting in emergency room visits. This works out to be about one injury per 15.23 TONS of fireworks. Below is a graph of fireworks consumption versus injuries from 1976-2008, reprinted with permission from

injury graph
And a graph of related injuries for 2008:

related injury graph

Click Here for more safety information from the A.P.A.


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