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Our 2018 safety certification course date has been set and will be held at our facility on April 21,2018 . Sign in begins at 8 a.m. Cost is $50 per attendee. All attendees must be registered and approved by Mr. Aaron Mayfield> To register please e-mail Aaron at

-As usual, this year's class will be designed to focus on hands on training. From 9:00am to approximately 1:00pm, we will be walking shooters through NFPA 1123 rules and regulations for outdoor fireworks displays, we will cover specific Missouri state regulations, and end the morning portion of the class with a 50 question test. We will then break shortly for lunch. Afterwards we will proceed the rest of the day in a hands on fashion. We will demonstrate how to manufacture a few different types of fireworks such as mines, comets, and aerial ball and cylinder shells. This will increase understanding of fireworks and safety considerably. Following the manufacturing training, we will head outside with training on different types of fireworks malfunctions, then on to reading our choreography scripts and actually set up a few different types of displays per the scripts. We will then break for dinner, which will be provided by AM Pyrotechnics. Following this we will offer the opportunity to hand fire small shells, and then move to firing the electronic displays set up by the class. After the displays are completed, we will train on show breakdown and safety after a fireworks display. The class will end around 10:00pm.

Need directions to our location? The class will be held at our shop north of Tin Town, MO, CLICK HERE for directions.

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Where can I get a copy of NFAP 1123?
The NFA Website, in the search box at the top of the page type in 1123. The cost is $37.50 Can call 800-344-3555 to order.

Where can I find the rules and regs for shooting 1.3g in Missouri?
Missouri Revised Statute 320.106 - 320.161

Where can I find a Missouri shooters application?
Right Here or call (573) 751-2930.

Requirements for Licensed Operator/Pyrotechnic Operator:
Missouri Revised Statute 320.106 defines a “Licensed Operator” as “any person who supervises, manages, or directs the discharge of outdoor display fireworks, either by manual or electrical means; who has met additional requirements established by promulgated rule and has successfully completed a display fireworks training course recognized and approved by the state fire marshal.”

A “Pyrotechnic Operator” or “Special Effects Operator” is defined as “an individual who has responsibility for pyrotechnic safety and who controls, initiates, or otherwise creates special effects for proximate fireworks and who has met additional requirements established by promulgated rules and has successfully completed a proximate fireworks training course recognized and approved by the state fire marshal.”

Individuals seeking to be a Licensed Operator and/or Pyrotechnic Operator shall meet following criteria:

  1. Submit a completed "Application for Licensed Operator/Pyrotechnic Operator License";
  2. Applicant must be at least 21 years of age;
  3. Have successfully completed a display and/or proximate training course approved by the State Fire Marshal; This is what we offer here at AM Pyro.
  4. Successfully pass a test administered by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety;
  5. Provide documentation affirming active participation in the performance of at least three display or proximate fireworks shows within the past 24 months. If applying for both a licensed operator (display fireworks) and pyrotechnic operator license (proximate fireworks) documentation of six displays (3 display fireworks and 3 proximate fireworks) are required;
  6. Applicant shall not have pleaded guilty to a felony or been convicted of a felony.
  7. Copy of U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives permit/license verifying compliance with applicable federal laws relating to possession, sales, storage or use of display and/or proximate fireworks if applicable.
  8. Copy of a valid state driver’s license or state ID card;
  9. Provide two passport type photographs;
  10. A check, money order, or bank draft in the amount of $100 (U.S.) payable to the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.

Click Here to visit the MO State Fire Marshal's Page, where you can find test schedules and applications.

Past Courses Chronicle

April 18 2009 Exploding Car Video

April 17 2010 Product Demo Video (73 Mb)

Click Here to view the break-time report for our April 17th 2010 Class Computer Fired Demo.

You can also see items that were in the Cake Demo , Demo # 1, and Demo # 2.

Praise for the courses:

April 17th 2010 Tin Town Missouri Class:

-----Original Message-----
From: Rich DeLassus
Subject: Pyro Class Satisfaction Survey

To Aaron Mayfield,

I would like to say that this course was my first, and it won't be my last, course in pyrotechnics. When I arrived Sat. morning I had no idea of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised, everyone made me feel very comfortable yourself and your staff as well. Pre-registration was very easy and painless, in no time at all I was registered and had a confirmation e-mail. Check in was even easier than registration, I could tell that you've done this a time or two. The material offered in the class was very informative, like I said this was my first I've ever been exposed to fireworks from this end of the business, so it was a lot to take in at once. The outside demonstrations were very impressive, when you see even a 3" shell go off in the air you say that's nice and you don't have a perspective of how high it is. But, when you shot the 3" shells horizontally that was scary, for something that small to go that far that fast and then explode. What I liked the most was setting up the show, I was with the crew that set up Show #2, I learned a lot from talking with your staff and the other participants. Then you saved best for last, the fireworks show, it might not have been as big as some I"ve seen but knowing I helped put part of it together made it better than any of them.

Rich, from St. Louis saying:
Thanks again to you and your staff for a job well done, you guys rock.

April 26th 2008 Tin Town Missouri Class:

To: Aaron Mayfield
Subject: 2008 Shooters Certification Class

At this time I would like to say that your Shooters class held on 4/26/08 was the best course that I have attended. Jack and yourself did a outstanding job in the presentation of the morning class work. The afternoon hands on training was the best, I believe that the best training is hands on and you did show that Saturday. I know I did learn a few things , you never know everything in the business and you always have room to learn more. I have been in the fireworks field for over 40 years and I am still learning. I know the 5 others people that I had attend your class with came away with a wealth of knowledge and they where very happy that they attended.

Again many thanks go out to you, Jack and Dusty for an outstanding course.

Vince Kolafa

April 19th 2008 Missouri City Texas Class:

To Aaron, Jack, Trevor and all the folks who helped out at Missouri City:

On behalf of OtherWorld Productions, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the Missouri City shooters school a success!

In our opinion, this is exactly what we envision a shooters school should be. We brought a new crew member with us to get a feel of what is involved in setting up a shoot, and were very impressed that he was able to experience and learn with "hands on" training. Sebastian and I have been to shooters schools with other companies that pale in comparison to the quality and caliber of your training day.

We firmly believe that you can never stop learning, and providing this type of atmosphere to network, compare, and share was tremendously satisfying to us. We felt so confident in the caliber and atmosphere of training, that many times throughout the day we were able to leave our new crew member and go network with other seasoned shooters, knowing that our "newbie" was actually receiving the hands on instruction he needed.

The price of admission is a small one to pay considering the fact that we now have a crew member who will arrive at his first shoot for our company armed with the basic skills that take up so much precious time when you are setting up a complicated show.

Kudos AMPyro! OtherWorld Productions is looking forward to working with you and the members of your staff who worked so hard yesterday to make this shooter's school enjoyable, educational, and a valuable networking venue.

Send em high, and light up the sky!

Deena Smiley,
James Hamel 'Sebastian'


OtherWorld Productions

I enjoyed the class and the demo. Thanks for coming all the way down here, and thanks for broadening my perspective on the potential level of choreography. I have only worked for one company, doing the same 2 shows every year and had not seen a show "put together" rather than just arranged by time.

Thanks again

Christopher McAllister

I have previously attended your Missouri City class and wanted to let you know how great it is. Your instructors do a phenomenal job of presenting relevant (and sometimes complicated) information in an easily understood format. I am now a licensed pyrotechnician and do my own shoots, but am bringing my husband to your class this year so that he can get his certification. I can think of no other company that offers a better, or more informative, class.

Thanks so much for all you do! YOU GUYS ROCK!


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